course outline

  1. In Defense of Original Sin

  2. The One is Nothing

  3. The Truth in Doubt

  4. Suspended Space

  5. Not For the Healthy

Friendly Fire

In 2016, the journal Modern Believing  released a special edition that focused entirely on the project of Pyrotheology. The journal brought together a group of international scholars who are both experts in, and sympathetic to, this project. Yet each takes a critical stance in order to draw out perceived limitations or possible future directions.

In this five-part course, we delve into the arguments of each scholar and I offer up reflections and responses.

With almost 8 hours of material, this seminar aims at offering something of interest, not only to academics and practitioners, but to anyone wanting to delve deeper into the theory and technology of Pyrotheology.

This course can be watched, or listened to via audio-only files. But the video quality isn't very good, so I'd only recommend them if you learn better by watching.

Friendly Fire (Online Course)
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