Friendly Fire (Online Course)


Friendly Fire (Online Course)


This course revolves around a special edition of the journal Modern Believing that was dedicated to critically engaging with my work. The journal brought together a group of international scholars who are both experts in, and sympathetic to, the project of Pyrotheology. Yet each takes a critical stance in order to draw out perceived limitations or possible future directions.

In this course, I delve into the arguments of each scholar and offer up some reflections and responses.

The articles I engage with during the course are:

"Let it Blaze, Let it Blaze: Pyrotheology and the Theology of the Event" By John Caputo

"(Not Your) Grandpa’s Church Service: Pyrotheology’s Familial Resemblance to Liberal Theology and the Possibilities for Political Liturgy" By Keegan Osinski

"How (Not) to Speak of the Other: Pyrotheology and Psychoanalysis" By Tad DeLay

"Pyrotheology, Post-Evangelicalism, and the Logic of the ‘One’ By" Xochitl Alvizo

"Neither Male Nor Female, Christian Nor Non-Christian, Oppressor Nor Oppressed: Pyrotheology’s Pauline Politics of Identity" By Katharine Sarah Moody

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