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Many years ago I created a training program called The Non-membership Course. It was designed to help individuals think critically, work through unhealthy aspects of their past, and widen their affirmation of life. The tools I developed became the soil out of which pyrotheology grew.

I am now using Patreon as a platform to deepen that work and share it with more people. Creating an online space where dissidents, heretics, fools and fundamentalists can dive into the ideas, engage with them and apply them. A space populated by seminars, book studies, discussion forums, weekly reflections, courses and more.

Some support me because they've benefited from my work. Others because they have enjoyed my free content and want to delve deeper. Whatever your reasons, I'm deeply grateful. Because of you I'm able to dedicate myself to this work full-time.

If you'd like to support my work, engage with the theory and technology of Pyrotheology and contribute to its future, then please do jump on board. Below are the different options.


For $3 or more, you'll join the Spark club. Thus gets you regular posts from me on a whole range of issues. We'll delve into philosophy, theology, politics and the personal.  All designed to help you think, live and love. I'll be writing new material as well as sharing reworked reflections from a blog I ran from 07 - 17.

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For a couple of dollars more Flame gets you everything from the previous reward level as well as monthly pyro-seminars. These include talks, discussions and interviews that explore my work and how it can be applied. I'm also happy to try and put you on the guest list for live events in your area.


In addition to the previous rewards, Blaze gives you access to all the online courses I've run to date. This amounts to over 40 hours of material and will continue to grow. You'll also get access to courses like Atheism for Lent, The Omega Course, and Friendly Fire. In addition to this, you'll have exclusive access to book studies I run throughout the year.

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Inferno gives you everything. Plus I'll send you an audiobook of The Orthodox Heretic, some Happy Reaper and Absurd Cross Pins, Rapture Tracts, Parable Pencils and a signed book with a personal thank you message. I'll also send you anything I create in the future. You can also expect the VIP treatment if you attend an event I'm running (just let me know in advance and I'll put you on the guest list).

Scotched earth

This crazy level is for people who have the resources and desire to see pyrotheology really move forward. I will be using this money to directly pay for studio space and new technology, as well as to free me up to do more free events. 

This level is not about getting some extra special reward, like a ticket out of purgatory, or a chapel of despair built in your name. It's for individuals and communities that have the finances to help me create build something lasting. This money will be poured into studio space, new projects and better technologies. I would however love to offer you quarterly phone calls to discuss anything that you'd like.

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Joining as a Patreon supports my work in Pyrotheology. You also get access to exclusive content and early content. Here’s a example of the type of lectures you’ll receive,

Other seminars include,

  • Embracing the Absurd | Atheism isn’t Enough

  • Beyond Belief | Christianity and Ideology Critique

  • The Alien from Inner Space | Sin and Prometheus

  • On Love | The Unwanted Gift of Nothing

  • Embracing Failure | On Not Getting what you Want

  • The Tech of Pyrotheology | Transformance Art

  • The Tech of Pyrotheology | Decentering Practices

  • Freedom from Meaning | Drive, Grace, the Absurd

  • The Last Guru | On Fantasy and Transference

  • Escaping the Sitcom | On Brent and Gargoyles

  • Catching Light | Lewis and the Sublime

  • God After God | The Certainty of Doubt

  • Joined by Lack | The Ontic and the Metaphysical

  • Confronting the Holy | Whole or Hole

  • Losing the Lost Object | On Conversion

  • On Envy and Jealousy | Girard and Christology

  • Deranged Animal | Desire, Drive and The Thing

  • The Meaning in Life | Drive and the Transcendental

  • Alienation Times Two | Traversing the Fantasy

  • God Forsaking God | Conversion, Forgiveness, Joy

  • Who is No. 1 | Peterson, PC and the Unconscious

  • Is God Dead | The Event of Radical Theology

  • Mapping Pyrotheology | Returning to the Start

  • Problem or Symptom | The Zizek/Peterson Debate

  • The Self-Castration of God | Authority, Freedom, Kenosis

  • The Magic Trick of Christianity | Pledge, Turn and Prestige