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Five minutes to get out

In this video, Peter introduces Pyrotheology as a critique of any position - sacred or secular - that promises an escape from the world. Instead inviting us to enter more fully into life. Pyrotheology offers a radical vision of faith that critiques religion, subverts the distinctions between belief and non-belief, and presents Christianity as an incendiary counter-cultural commitment to existence foreclosed by todays dominant forms of spirituality.

the loss of the Sacred Object

Here Peter introduces the idea that Christianity is not concerned with what one believes, but rather describes a type of life that enables us embrace doubt, complexity and ambiguity.

giving the three fingers

Here Peter talks about how the things we cannot speak find ways to speak in the form of symptoms. Symptoms being the site that speak our truth.


A Handful of Mustard Seeds

Here Peter talks about the human tendency to run from our suffering and the pain that this avoidance causes. Instead he invites us to nurture the courage it takes to confront our suffering.

The pledge, turn and prestege of christianity

In this video Peter talks offers a brief introduction to the subversive message of Pyrotheology through the lens of a three-part vanishing trick.