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Fighting to Lose: Recovering the Lost art of Dialogue

Within the domains of science, religion, politics, ethics and aesthetics lies a central problem regarding the nature of truth. Are we lost to a form of relativism in which science is seen as a contingent narrative without universal claim, where religions are merely regional practices, where laws reflect only the culture that creates them, moral discourse is contingent, and beauty is the eyes of the beholder? Or do we fall into the violence associated with absolute claims regarding the truth of one position over the rest?

In one, any communication across sexual, racial, cultural or religious divides is underlined. In the other, various systems clash violently in their claim to have the gods-eye-view of truth.

In this pyro-seminar, I'll be exploring this thorny issue by looking at how we can understand the relationship between Relative and Absolute.

By revealing their how they interact we will be better placed to diagnose problems with the way debate occurs in the contemporary world, locate more effective ways to communicate across differences, and discover one of the central tenants of pyrotheology.

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