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Pyro-Seminar | Is God Dead?

On 8th April 1966 TIME released an explosive issue that is widely considered to be the most controversial edition in its history. In bold red lettering, set against a black background, the iconic cover simply read “Is God Dead?”.

The lead article was written by John Elson, and it was key in throwing Radical Theology into the heart of contemporary life. The 1960’s were a high point in the development on Radical Theology, marked as it was by the groundbreaking work of people like Paul van Buren, Gabriel Vahanian and William Hamilton. All of whom worked under the shadow of the singular Thomas Altizer, a fiery prophet with a searing intellect and singular vision who I had the honor of talking with on a few occasions. Altizer sadly passed away on 28th November 2018 at the age of 91.

To mark the passing of Altizer, I wanted to do a seminar that offers a close reading of this famous article. Everyone doing the seminar will get a PDF of the article.

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