Atheism for Lent

Thank you for signing up for Atheism for Lent! From this page you'll be able to navigate the whole course.

The live seminars will take place on the following dates at 1pm PST. But don't worry if you can't participate live, as they'll be available to watch anytime.

11th Feb | 18th Feb | 25th Feb

4th March | 11th March | 18th March | 25th March

To join the live talks, just click this link a few minutes before we begin.

The daily reflections - which begin on 14th Feb - will be available below by clicking on the various buttons (only the facilitator button is currently active).

Most reflections take less than 10 minutes to complete, though some are longer. I'd encourage you to try and carve out 45-60 mins each day, so that you can let the reflections sink in and do their work. This might involve taking a long walk, doing further research or meditating. I'd also encourage you to undergo this practice with others, perhaps meeting once a week to discuss and dissect your experience.