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Atheism for Lent

Thank you for signing up to this Decentering Practice. Over Lent you'll plunge into a surreal world where atheism and theology move together in an enchanting and enriching dance.

By exploring the theological dimension of atheism, we will discover how it can offer a type of exorcism powerful enough to cast out any festering fundamentalism lurking within our souls. 

Most reflections will take less than 15 minutes to complete, though a few are longer. I'd encourage you to try and carve out 30-60 mins each day, so that you can let each reflection sink in and do its work. This might mean taking a long walk, doing further research or just sitting in silence. I also encourage you to undergo this practice with others if at all possible. The exercises vary in length. Don’t feel pressure to do everything (but congratulations if you do). The material can be treated like tracks off an album. Some you’ll love, some will leave you cold. And some might just need a few engagements. Also, feel free to engage with each week in the order that suits your schedule. For example, you may be asked to listen to a podcast on a day when you’re not driving and want to save it for when you are.

Each Sunday 'll be giving an online talk at 2pm PST. You can watch these live via a link that is provided, or watch/listen afterwards.