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Here’s my response to Alvizo’s essay.

The One is Nothing

Xochitl Alvizo is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies in the area of Women and Religion and the Philosophy of Sex, Gender, Sexuality. She has a PhD in Practical Theology from Boston University. Her research is in feminism and the Emerging Church. She is co-founder of Feminism and Religion, an online project of diverse feminist voices from around the world in dialogue about feminism in religion at the intersection of scholarship, activism, and community.

In Alvizo's essay she explores what she sees as a potentially problematic structure in the technology of Pyrotheology. Namely, that there is a place for a leader. For Alvizo, this replicates a patriacrichal structure that must be overcome. In response, I draw the difference between the leader in traditional church structures and the role of the leader in Pyrotheology, a role that is analogous to that of the analysit in psychoanalysis.