course outline

  1. Faith with Paul Tillich

  2. Crucifixion with Paul Hessert

  3. Love with Katharine Moody

  4. Resurrection with Peter Rollins

The Omega Course

In 1977, Charles Marnham created The Alpha Course to introduce some basic aspects of the Christian faith to people in his church. From its humble beginnings in Brompton, it has now reached over 27 million people across 169 countries. While the message of The Alpha Course reflects the broad position of the Contemporary Church, there is a dissident expression of Christianity that runs against this. A Religionless expression that shakes the very foundations upon which the edifice of Contemporary Christianity is built.

These “religionless” expressions are hard to locate as they exist largely under the radar of the institution. Yet they can be found thriving among socially engaged para-institutional parishes, enacted in grass-roots clusters of disobedient priests, promoted in the writings of insurrectionary thinkers and kept alive in the work of militant activists who, from the perspective of the Contemporary Church, look like enemies of the faith.

The Omega Course is a five hour course over four parts. It introduces some elements of religionless Christianity and is structured around the themes of Faith, Crucifixion, Love and Resurrection.

This four-part course is 5 hours long and can be watched, or listened to via audio-only files. But the video quality isn't very good, so I'd only recommend them if you learn better by watching.

The Omega Course
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