Problem or Symptom: The Zizek/Peterson Debate

The Zizek/Peterson debate is one of the most controversial and talked about events in the intellectual world since Foucault sat down with Chomsky. Whether it's outrage, anticipation or confusion, this event has caught the attention of millions. While both engage in the same trinity of issues: Christianity, Politics and Subjectivity, their perspectives are profoundly different. On one side we have Peterson's Clinical Psychology reading - influenced by Jung - while Zizek represents a Dialectic approach that brings together Hegel, Freud and Marx.

This months Pyroseminar will be in two parts. Part one will offer a short introduction to the positions of the two thinkers, principally around three areas that they both engage with extensively: religion, subjectivity and politics.

The second part will take place after the debate, and will offer a commentary on it. I’ve included a link where you can purchase the livestream of the event, but it should also appear online within 24 hours of it happening. You will not need to have seen the live debate to follow my commentary.

Part 1 | 19th April | 11am PST

part 2 | 21st April | 11am pst