Pints And Parables

Parables are a type of weaponised dis-course that knock us off course, onto radically new ones. They tactically confront us with disturbing truths we might otherwise miss and reveal what lies in darkness. At turns funny, poignant, irreverent and shocking, they cut into us with surgical precision, reaching deep into the hidden recesses of our soul, operating on those parts of our being that more direct speech can’t touch.

Over the years, Peter has written dozens of parables and collected hundreds more, deploying them in both his books and public presentations. Recently he has started to visit pubs across the world to create evenings where he can share some of his favorites along with reflections and conversation.

In addition to this, he hold regular Pints and Parables events in LA. Each night is different, with new material and special guests.

If you'd like to host a Pints and Parables night in a city near you, just click the button above to start a conversation.