Free Download: The Orthodox Heretic: And Other Impossible Tales

For so many, the Christian faith is viewed as little more than a drug that enables the weak to escape reality. An opiate that helps its users to avoid facing the injustice of the world and making a stand against it. In short, the Christian faith is perceived to be a counter-revolutionary ideology that keeps people passive, infantile, and ineffectual.

In contrast, Peter Rollins has crafted a series of parables that shatter this popular perception. Parables that demonstrate how radical faith has never been concerned with escaping the world we inhabit but rather with engaging it more fully. That genuine Christian faith has never capitulated to injustice but rather fought against it at every turn.

These parables outline a non-religious approach to a subversive message of Christianity, one that is not concerned with questions regarding theism and atheism, but rather one that invites us into a different way of living in the world.