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Making Love

Making Love has gone through various forms (and names). Originally it was a short film script called The Gallows. Then I adapted it into the form of a Play, and finally a developed it into a feature length film script. The film was designed to give cinematic form to the central ideas I've already explored in books and courses.

But I wasn't able to move forward with the script until I met another Rollins in 2015 in Los Angeles. Helen grew up in England, France, belgium and the Sudan and has a formidable academic background. She is trilingual, was awarded top student in UK for Modern Languages, top 5 student in UK for English Literature, received a Double First from Cambridge University and graduated top student in her college across all subjects. When I met her, she had just given up teaching at Eton Collage to pursue writing and film making. 

When we talked about my project, she immediately understood what I was seeking to achieve. We reworked and rewrote the script together, and she is now going to direct both the short and the feature length version of the film. She'll be shooting the short in Belfast in March 2018.

I've enclosed the short script for todays reflection. Helen read the script, so you can either read or listen. The script blends together themes connected to the Oedipus Complex, desire, drive, and a pyrotheological reading of the Garden of Eden. I've also included a link to a kickstarter page that outlines more about the background of the film and updates concerning actors, locations, and filming.