Performing the Magic Trick


One of the coins will be rubbed against your elbow, after a few failed attempts, it will seem to magically disappear, only to reappear elsewhere.


Before announcing the trick, hide one of the coins within easy reach. The two coins are slightly different, on the back of the coin you will notice that only one of the Happy reapers has a scar. If you have long sleeves, roll them up. Sit or stand at a table.


The Pledge

  1. Take the coin that you haven’t hidden, and let people examine it.

  2. Grasp one side of the coin in your left hand, between your thumb and index finger. Letting people clearly see it.

  3. Then grasp the other side of the coin in your right hand between thumb and index finger. The coin should now be obscured from view.

  4. Rub the coin against the table for a few seconds.

  5. Then, remove your right hand from the coin, place your hand on your shoulder with your forearm facing the audience, elbow resting on the table.

  6. Rub coin against your forearm, making sure your fingers obscure it from view.

  7. Let the coin drop onto the table.

  8. Repeat steps 2-7 a few times while talking about the pledge of Christianity being the Sacred Object that we think will make us whole and complete.

The Turn

  1. When you are ready, pick up the coin like before, and rub it on the table. But this time keep the coin in your RIGHT hand. Because the people watching have seen you do the same gesture several times, they will assume it is still in your left hand (although you will need to practice to ensure the sleight of hand works).

  2. When you place your right hand on your neck, push it against your skin so that it stays in place, or let it drop into down the neckline of your clothes (ensuring that it won’t drop out and make noise).

  3. Pretend to rub the coin against your forearm as before while talking about the Crucifixion symbolizing the disappearance of the sacred object.

  4. Then say ‘Hocus Pocus’ and slowly withdraw your hand to show that coin has vanished.

The Prestige

  1. Finally, talk about how the sacred returns, while reaching over to reveal the coin that you hid earlier.

  2. Let them examine the coin.

  3. Then tell them that the real trick lies in the fact that the sacred which returns is different to the sacred that disappeared. That what vanishes is the sacred as an object, and what we gain is the sacred as the depth dimension in objects.


If you want, after a short pause, show them how you did the trick, and let them see how the coins are slightly different. You can also explain the meaning of the phrase Hocus Pocus.