Course outline

  1. Introduction

  2. Being and Courage

  3. Being, Nonbeing, and Anxiety

  4. Pathological Anxiety, Vitality, and Courage

  5. Courage and Participation 

  6. Courage and Individualization

  7. Courage and Transcendence Circle of Reality

The Courage to Be

Paul Tillich is one of the most important theological thinkers of the 20th Century. In addition to important philosophical and theological texts, Tillich wrote a number of more popular works that combined an engaging style with deep insight. His most famous work is arguably The Courage to Be. A searing work that has become a classic of twentieth-century religious and philosophical thought. In this book Tillich explores how anxiety has become ubiquitous in the contemporary world. He explores the nature of anxiety, what it means to be, and how we can overcome anxiety in a type of affirmation of life that is able to embrace uncertainty.

With this course you get over eight hours of material split over seven modules, in both video and audio-only formats.

The Courage to Be
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