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Online Course | The Sublime Object

My next course will take a deep dive into what is widely considered Zizek’s masterwork: The Sublime Object of Ideology. It’s hard to choose which book to explore as he has written other 40 books, not counting the hundreds of articles and collections. But this one effectively lays out the basic frame that continues to inform Zizek’s position.

Linking key psychoanalytical and philosophical concepts with political theory and theology, this book offers a profound understand of ideology, fantasy, alienation and the pursuit of wholeness.

As always, we witness his ability to get at difficult ideas through examples from history and art. From the sinking of the Titanic to Hitchcock, from Wagner to science fiction, from Alien to the structure of the joke, we gain an insight into Zizek’s wider project.

Not only has Zizek  made substantial and lasting contributions in at least three separate fields - philosophy, political theory and theology - he is also one of the most important and controversial public intellectuals alive today.

This course is primarily for those people who have dipped their toes in the murky dialectic waters of Zizek’s thought - perhaps by listening to a couple of talks - and who are ready to get to grips with his project.


There are two ways to take part in this in course. The first is to sign up to Patreon at the Blaze level. This is not only give you access to this course, but a dozen other courses and over 30 hours of single lectures.

Or you can buy a one-off ticket below. When you purchase the ticket, you’ll be sent a download. You need to click the download link within 24 hours. Once you open it, you’ll have a document with all the information.


Each week people will be encouraged to read one chapter from the book. I’ll do a lecture on each chapter, drawing out its main themes, and clarifying difficult terms.

These will be video lectures, but you will also be able to download the audio within 24 hours of the live video. The video and audio will continue to be available after the course, so you can go at your own pace. Everyone will also have access to a private Facebook page where they can discuss their progress.


  • 16th June - Introduction to the book (Preface)

  • 23rd June - How Did Marx Invent the Symptom?

  • 30th June - From Symptom to Sinthome

  • 7th July - 'Che Vuoi?'

  • 14th July - You Only Die Twice

  • 21st July - Which Subject of the Real?

  • 28th July - 'Not Only as substance, but also as Subject'

All the live seminars will be given at 11am PST.

The Sublime Object
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