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Pyroseminar | Projection or Projectile?

My September pyroseminar is going to argue that a fundamental error in Leftist Politics can be seen manifesting itself in the current toxic state of Liberal and Progressive politics. Rather counter-intuitively, I want to show that part of the problem lies in the Left's early rejection of religion as understood by Hegel. This rejection can be linked to the philosopher Feuerbach, who saw himself as the philosophical friend of theologians, and who believed that he had revealed Christianity's great truth. He developed an anthological understanding of Christianity that was adopted and adapted by Marx. The result was a view of religion as a type of ideological painkiller that helps to relieve the sufferings of the world, while being largely powerless to effect change in the world.

I want to show that this move effectively removed the revolutionary sting from Christianity, and is largely responsible for a Right Wing deviation nestled in the very heart of the Left.

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