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The God after God: Faith and the Affirmation of Radical Doubt

The world-renowned philosopher and theologian Paul Tillich famously concluded his Terry Foundation Lectures (printed as The Courage to Be) by saying, "The courage to be is rooted in the God who appears when God has disappeared in the anxiety of doubt".

Out of context, this might sound like a logical contradiction, poetic flourish, or the signal of some kind of return to a religious position after a period of questioning. However, Tillich means something much more radical and profound. He is talking about the uncovering of a faith that fundamentally transcends the usual theist/atheist, sacred/secular divides.

Tillich is writing, not of a faith that arises in the aftermath of the loss of meaning, but rather one that embraces the loss of meaning and turns it into something life affirming. 

In this pyro-seminar I'll be carefully unpacking the meaning of Tillich's "God after God". Showing how it both expands our understanding of the word "God" and opens up a richer and deeper understanding of faith.

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