Pyro-Seminar: Transformance Art and Future Church

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Theories sustain, and are sustained by, practices. Every esoteric field of intellectual inquiry generates its technicians - those who apply the theory to solve very human problems. We see this relationship most clearly in the natural sciences. Here disciplines that are utterly divorced from everyday concerns (pure mathematics, modern physics, theoretical chemistry etc.) lead to the building of better bridges, the creation of quantum computers and the development of more effective vaccines.

But the social sciences also have their technicians. Those who apply obscure French theory and dry phenomenological theory to enhance and reimagine the architecture of human community. 

The technology of theology is liturgy. Each theological movement shapes, and is shaped by, practices. 

Pyrotheology is no exception. Indeed it could be argued that the most important contribution that Pyrotheology has to offer lies in its practice.

There are two wings to pyrotheological practice - Transformance Art (TA)  and Decentering Practices (DP). In the previous seminar we introduced TA. In this seminar we'll explore how we can actually create TA experiences (in both already existing communities and new groups).

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