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Atheism for Lent

Atheism and theism are almost always portrayed as mortal enemies battling to the death. But this just conceals a truly disturbing and shocking truth. For in reality they have been bound together in the most passionate and torturous of love affairs.

There are times when they only speak to each other to hurl insults. Times when both suffer horribly, and when the world darkens. But when they embrace, the world becomes a brighter, more beautiful place. Together they are able to take on the oppressive forces of religion in its sacred and secular forms. Together they reveal a depth and density, mystery and texture, in the very heart of life.

Atheism for Lent is designed to bring you into the heart of this scandalous love affair and expose the liberation and freedom that is found there.

By exploring atheism as a spiritual practice of purification, we allow it to enact a ritual of exorcism powerful enough to cast out the religious dogmatism and festering fundamentalism that lurks within our souls.

Offensive as this is to those friends on one side or the other, the deepest and richest veins of atheism have always held the same passion and purpose found in the deepest and richest veins of theism.

Together they make straight the path into what some mystics call the Cloud of Unknowing.

This year marks my second online Atheism for Lent course, and this year we have a whole batch of brand new material to delve in to.

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