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One Day We Might Live: The Land, Life and Legacy of C.S. Lewis

  • Crawfordsburn Inn (N. Ireland) 15-25 Main Street Crawfordsburn, Bangor, BT19 1JH Northern Ireland (map)

C.S. Lewis is one of the most innovative and influential writers of the 20th Century. His fiction has shaped the cultural imagination of millions, while his work on “Mere Christianity” struck a resounding chord with his generation that resonates to this day.

Born and raised in Belfast, N. Ireland, the land of his youth held a unique place in his heart. The mythical landscape of N.Ireland was grafted into his fictional worlds, while the unique religious zeal that marked his homeland was cultivated in his non-fiction.

This event will engage both the ideas of Lewis, and the ideas that engaged him. This event will offer a subversive rereading of Lewis, reading him against himself to tease out some of his most interesting and potent ideas. In addition to this, we will discover the landscape of his youth, learn about his life and explore his legacy.

Where will it happen?

The event will take place in the stunning Crawfordsburn Inn. A place where Lewis often holidayed, and where he spent his honeymoon with Joy. The Inn is located in a beautiful town close to Belfast, and melts into a forest park reputed to have influenced Lewis' vision of Narnia.

What should I expect?

Think of this as a literary holiday. There will be plenty of time for walks, conversations and lounging around open fires with a whiskey while we learn about Lewis and engage with his ideas. There will be tours, debates, music and seminars. This is an event for those who have been influenced by Lewis and who want to engage critically with his body of work.

What does the ticket cover?

In addition to all the content (speakers, musicians, tours and venues), the ticket includes accommodation for 4 nights in the Crawfordsburn Inn as well as a full Irish breakfast and dinner in the award winning Lewis Restaurant each day. You'll also get a packed lunch every day while we're out exploring. If you'd like to come earlier, or stay longer, let us know and we can arrange a discount on the room rates.

Who's contributing to the event?

In addition to giving talks and leading conversations, I'll be inviting poets, performers, authors and academics who have unique insight into the work of C.S. Lewis. So far I can confirm  the poet Pádraig Ó Tuama, BBC journalist William Crawley, actor Melanie Clark Pullen, Professor of Theology Stephen Williams and author Jan Carson. With more names to follow!