Building On Fire

These intimiate one or two day events take place all over the world, offering an opportunity for people to delve more deeply into the work of Peter Rollins and discover how to apply the theory and technology to their lives. Each of the events are crafted differently, but the common thread they all have concerns discovering the positive power of embracing our doubt, anxiety and struggle. Neither fighting them, nor resigning ourselves to them, but rather discovering how we can turn them into a force for transformation in our personal and political lives. Learning to sublimate our suffering into something powerful and positive.

Who Should Participate

These days will be of primary interest to faith leaders, activists, therapists and those more generally interested in fostering healthy community. It will also be of value to those of you moving out of a more restrictive religious past and attempting to cultivate a richer, more expansive faith.

How can I host one of these events

If you would like Peter to host one of these events where you live, click the button at the top of the page to get a conversation started.