course outline

  1. The Circle of Reality

  2. Crucifixion and the Absurd

  3. The Gospel and the Gospels

  4. God: Concept or Confrontation

  5. Guilt, Innocence and Grace

  6. Freedom From Guilt

  7. Resurrection Life

  8. Escaping the Body of Death

  9. Hoping for What we Have

Beyond Belief | Christ and the End of Meaning

One of my favorite theological texts is a little known, hard to find, book called Christ and the End of Meaning by Paul Hessert. In contrast to the idea of Christianity as that which offers meaning, Hessert argues that Christianity invites us into an experience where we lose meaning and embrace the absurd. In contrast to an understanding of faith as that which justifies our world, Hessert powerfully outlines how the idea of salvation involves plunging into a type of theological nihilism. A theological nihilism that opens up a new form of life.

The book touches on many of the themes that I explore in my own work and articulates a reading of Christianity that compliments the project of pyrotheology.

With this course you get over ten hours of material split over nine modules, in both video and audio-only formats. The text itself is hard to get, and often very expensive, so you also get a PDF of the book when you sign up. You don't need to read the book to follow the course.

Beyond Belief
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