Atheism For Lent

The fourth Decentering Practice of pyrotheology is Atheism for Lent. This profane practice employs the great critique of religion to create a ritual of exorcism powerful enough to cast out the religious dogmatism and festering fundamentalism that can lurk within our souls - whether we associate with theism, atheism or agnosticism or ignosticism.

Atheism and theism are almost always portrayed as mortal enemies engaged in a bloody battle to the death. But Atheism for Lent explores a much more disturbing and shocking truth: that in reality they have been bound together in the most passionate and torturous of love affairs.

When they are separated from each other, both suffer horribly. Yet when they embrace, each of them is enriched. Together they are able to take on the oppressive forces of religion in its sacred and secular forms to reveal the depth and density, mystery and texture, found in the very heart of life.

Atheism for Lent is designed to bring you to the chaotic center of this scandalous love affair and draw out the liberation that is to be found there.

So forget forsaking chocolate, TV or tiddlywinks... Atheism for Lent is a decentering practice designed to envelop you in what some mystics call the great Cloud of Unknowing. It will expand your mind, enrich your soul and rock your world. This is a course that Peter has facilitated for over 15 years, and in that time he has seen it transform countless lives. 

Peter runs an online version of Atheism for Lent every year. He also runs all day workshops designed to help you plan and run decentering practices like Atheism for Lent yourself..