1. Into the Cloud of Unknowing

  2. Astronauts and Empty Space

  3. God Beyond God

  4. From Mysticism to Materialism

  5. Death of God Theology

  6. An Absurd Christianity

  7. Pyrotheology and Future Faith

Atheism For Lent | Invasion of the Dialectics

In the contemporary world atheism is almost invariably viewed as opposed to the work and world of theology. At best they barely tolerate each other, while at worst they wage war.

This popular view could be said to be partially responsible for the current state of both. The former having largely been reduced to an adolescent cry on behalf of a crude positivism; the latter languishing in the basement of academic institutions as a discipline with as much insight and credibility as astrology.

Thankfully there have always been individuals who’ve grasped the profoundly theological dimension of atheism. Individuals who see the removal of atheism from theology as detrimental, not only to intellectual life, but to the task of personal and political transformation. In recent years we only need think of people like Tillich, Bloch, Bonhoeffer, Weil, and Heidegger and Zizek.

Whether you identify as a theist, an atheist, agnostic or ignostic, Atheism for Lent provides a space for you to delve headfirst into the true theological expanse that is atheism. Submerging yourself in its life-giving, nourishing waters. 

By exploring atheism as a profane practice of theological purification, we will uncover its priestly power of exorcism. An exorcism powerful enough to cast out the religious dogmatism and festering fundamentalism that can lurk within our souls.

So forget forsaking chocolate, TV or tiddlywinks and get ready for an existential earthquake. 

Atheism for Lent is a Decentering Practice designed to envelop you in what many mystics call the 'Cloud of Unknowing'. It takes true courage to enter into that dark cloud. But, if you’re ready and willing, that darkness will be illuminating.

The theme this year is ‘Dialectics’. Through the reflections, and my weekly seminars, I hope to illuminate what dialectics is, show it at work, and demonstrate how it can enrich our understanding of the incendiary relationship between the friends and enemies of faith.


There are two ways to sign up to Atheism for Lent. You can purchase a ticket here or join my Patreon community at the Blaze Level. The latter will also give you access to weekly reflections, monthly seminars and all the online courses I've run to date.

What to Expect

You’ll get access to articles, podcasts, book excerpts and videos - one for every day of Lent. These will introduce you to many of the greatest critiques of religion, from some of the most creative, intellgent and insightful thinkers our world has ever produced. In addition to this, each Sunday I'll provide a talk that you can watch live or later (they'll be available in audio and video format).

Atheism for Lent Groups

I’d like to encourage you to do this as a group. Meeting together once a week to discuss the material. With that in mind, I’ve included a group ticket.