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If you enjoyed this introduction, I would recommend you get the whole book. Westphal has also written some other excellent books, including a brilliant selection of essays called Overcoming Ontotheology. Don’t let the title put you off, the essays are a little technical at times, but Westphal is a very clear writer, and a book with that title will make you look smart.

Suspicion and Faith

Merold Westphal is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University. His research and writing are focused upon modern Continental philosophy with a particular emphasis on the historical development and systematic integrity of individual thinkers, their dialogue and debate with one another, and their contributions to the philosophy of religion, political philosophy, and aesthetics.

In this introduction from Suspicion and Faith, Westphal gives a great reflection on why we should read great critiques of religion for Lent. This was the book that directly inspired Atheism for Lent.