supplemental material

If you would like to go a little deeper into the theme of dialectics, I’ve included a Fundamentalists Podcast where I discuss the idea with Elliott Morgan. I have also included a Pyro-Seminar I gave that connects dialectics with the broader project of Pyrotheology, and a link to a five week course I offered on the subject.

Invasion of the Dialectics

Atheism for Lent begins today! Welcome. I hope you enjoy the ride. For the first reflection I want to take a little time to outline the structure of the course, introduce the idea of atheism as a type of theological practice and offer an opening definition of dialectics.

Atheism is often seen as an enemy to the work and world of theology. However atheism has always had a rich, deep and wide relationship to theology. In this introduction, I offer a brief overview of that relationship, and talk about the opening reflections.