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I’ve included a link to a podcast that brings together many of Zizek’s talks, as well as a more in-depth talk of his on theology. I have also included a link to a series of talks I gave on Zizek’s theology. The password for my course is: Christology.

Only an Atheist can Believe

Slavoj Žižek (1949) is a Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher and cultural critic. His work is located at the intersection of a range of subjects, including continental philosophy, political theory, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, film criticism, and theology.

His writing spans dense theoretical polemics, academic tomes, and accessible introductory books; in addition, he has taken part in various film projects. His idiosyncratic style, popular academic works, frequent magazine op-eds, and critical assimilation of high and low culture have gained him international influence and a substantial audience outside of academia. In 2012, Foreign Policy listed his on its list of Top 100 Global Thinkers, while elsewhere he has been dubbed the "the most dangerous philosopher in the West".

The following talk is a brilliant, though difficult reflection on the nature of belief and the place of atheism in theology.