The Satisfaction of Loss

Todd McGowan is a film and cultural theorist who employs a (Lacanian) psychoanalytic frame to analyze cinema and political life. He is the author of numerous books, including Capitalism and Desire and Enjoying What We Don't Have. McGowan has become one of my favorite contempoary theorists. He is able to write in an accessible way that provides deep insight into contemporary life. Both McGowan and I operate from the within the same theoretical network, so much of my work echoes his.

The following is an interview he gave on the New Books in Psychoanalysis podcast. It offers a great overview of his book Capitalism and Desire. The reason for including this is because what McGowan is doing in this book with regards to politics mimics some of the moves central to pyrotheology. Something that should become slightly clearer when you watch Making Love next week. His work draws out how freedom from some sacred and secular end goal (Lost Object) is ultimately destructive. McGowan's interview is number 17.