Soapbox - 9th June, LA

With the huge popularity surrounding stand-up comedy, podcasts and lectures on Youtube, the hunger for engaging, entertaining and intriguing public speakers is insatiable.

More than ever there are opportunities for writers, teachers, students and leaders of various stripes to spread their message, and make a living, by communicating in captivating and compelling ways.

With this in mind, I’m keen to spend the day withWhat  people who'd like to develop their public speaking skills, learn how to cultivate a platform, and carve out a living from the technology of speech.

We’ll look at what makes a compelling talk and how to communicate it in a compelling way. I'll have just finished the first leg of my Holy Shift tour with Rob Bell. I'll be breaking down the talk as a way of analyzing how to blend storytelling, humor and theory. 

Is this a small event?

Yes. This is designed to be an intimate workshop so that we can address the issues that attendees are facing. There are only 40 tickets.

How is the day structured?

While I'll be talking about various aspects of being a public speaker (crafting talks, building platform etc), this is a workshop where we will be dealing with the issues in the room..

So whether you’re preparing for a Best Man’s speech, wanting to become a professional speaker, or preaching every week in front of thousands, we’ll be able to address your questions and concerns.

We'll work hard from 9:30am - 4:30pm. Then, for people who're able to stay, we'll relax, drink, and hang out in the evening.

Where is the workshop taking place?

The venue will be given out to people, once they have bought a ticket, but it is in North Hollywood, zip code 91601. The nearest hotel (a 5 min walk away, is the Holiday Inn Express in N. Hollywood.

What's included in the ticket?

Everyone will get a small gift pack. In addition to that I'll be providing tea, coffee, and soft drinks, as well as alcohol in the evening.