The mornings will be all about ideas. The afternoons will be all about practice. This is an intimate event in which we’ll be delving into the questions you bring to the room and the issues you are struggling with.

I’ll be using my ‘Non-Membership’ coins as a teaching tool, so you’ll all receive a set when you arrive.

The talks will also be recorded and made available to participants in the aftermath of the event.


Tickets will be $450 for two days. I’ve also set aside 5 bursaries for people who would like to come, but can’t afford the ticket price

Building on Fire: The Secret (of the Lack)

In 2006 Rhonda Byrne published The Secret. Having sold over 30 millions copies, in 50 different languages, this book purports to help people achieve their dreams by harnessing the ‘law of attraction’.

While the book has been widely critiqued, the basic idea is really just a crystallized version of an underlying ideology that is ubiquitous today. Whether we turn to superstitious rituals, chemical enlightenment, sexual revolution, political purity or financial freedom, we are caught up in a frenetic pursuit of something that might fix everything. And there is no shortage of sacred and secular prophets promising to help.

In contrast, I’ve spent over 25 years (1) showing how this type of pursuit is detrimental to our lives, and (2) helping people find freedom from it.

My work has combined the most potent elements of philosophy, psychoanalysis and theology to develop a method aimed at helping individuals and communities move from the dangerous pursuit of certainty and satisfaction, into the affirmation of ambiguity, complexity and struggle. In short, from seeking happiness in some utopia offered by a guru, to finding joy in the freedom from both the the figure of the guru, and the utopia they offer.

It is not any easy journey to take, and two days with me in LA won’t fix much. But it might just offer a small step in the right direction.

I’d like to invite you to join me, and small group of other people, as we look at how to apply the insights of pyrotheology to both our individual lives, and to our communities.

Who is this aimed at?

These two days are really for anyone who wants to explore the theory and practice of pyrotheology. That includes students, community/church leaders, and individuals who might have resonated with talks/interviews you’ve heard me give.

Food and accommodation

There will be plenty of places to stay at and eat at, close to the venue. This isn’t covered by the ticket.

location, Date and time

This will be happening in Los Angeles on 13th -14th January. I’’ll be confirming the venue in the next few weeks. The event kicks off at 10am each day, and finishes at 5pm.

can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

You can get a full refund up to 2 weeks before the event, after that the money can used as credit for future events.