Making Love

Immanuel Kant once wrote a thought experiment where he imagined an individual's obsession with his beloved. 

The beloved is completely inaccessible, entirely out of reach. However an opportunity arises where they can be together, just for one night.

But there’s a catch... if the union occurs, the protagonist will be hung on the gallows the very next day.

For Kant, the solution is simple: walk away.

Almost 200 years later, the psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan referenced this thought experiment and noted that the dilemma is more complicated than it first appears. 

For Lacan, the gallows are not simply a deterrent for the lover. They also fan the flames of desire. The very threat of death makes the temptation all the more compelling and difficult to resist.

Recently Peter wrote a film script inspired by this dilemma. It tells the story of two people reuniting after the end of a passionate affair. They meet late one night in the bar of a luxury hotel to rediscover the sexual chemistry that had once drawn them inexorably together.

But they only have an hour. Should they sleep together, or stay any longer, the man will be killed. He must decide whether to spend one final night with the author of his desire and die, or leave and never see her again. By creating a hyper-real, film-noir exploration of drive, desire, love, lust and loss, Making Love reflects the cornerstone of his wider pyrotheological project.

While there is a feature length version of the script, the production team decided to start by making a short. To raise the funds, Peter turned to his community and, thanks to their generosity, all the money was raised through kickstarter (the project also received a "kickstarter staff pick"). The film will star David Dastmalchian and Frédérique Bel.