Giving the Three Fingers | Holy Shift (Unabridged)

Date: 24th February

Doors: 7pm

Event: 8pm

Location: The Three Clubs, 1123 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038

In 2018 I accompanied Rob Bell on his nationwide Holy Shift tour. Each evening I performed a 20 minute set that explored the disturbing, disorienting and dark side of the Holy. Through a mix of storytelling, theology and philosophy, I sought to shed light on a spectral dimension of our lives that transcends the theist/atheist, sacred/secular divide. An unconscious dimension of our existence that houses the power to destroy us, should we ignore it, or liberate us, should we confront it.

This event offers the ‘directors cut’. Come and hear me perform the full unabridged version for one night only (unless it totally sells out, cause then I’ll absolutely be doing another).

We’ll be filming the event in the newly refurbished Three Clubs.

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