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Beyond Belief: A Journey into the Cloud of Unknowing

Thank you for signing up for this Decentering Practice. What follows is based on my yearly Atheism for Lent course. Over seven weeks you'll enter into a surreal world where atheism and theism move together in a powerful and enriching dance. You might want to do the course over seven consecutive weeks, however there are other options. For instance, you could do every other week, or once a month.

By exploring atheism, in its various forms, as a practice of purification, we allow it to become a ritual of exorcism powerful enough to cast out the religious dogmatism and festering fundamentalism that can lurk within our souls. 

This practice is designed to envelop you in what some mystics call the great Cloud of Unknowing. It is something I've taught for over 15 years, and in that time I've seen it transform countless lives.

When you are ready to begin, click on "Week 1". The first the first day of each week is a talk from me that introduces the various reflections to come. I'll be attempting to act as a John the Baptist figure, making straight paths for the reflections so that you might get more our of them.

Most reflections will take less than 10 minutes to complete, though some are longer. I encourage you to try and carve out 45-60 mins each day,. so that you can let each reflection sink in and do its work. This might mean taking a long walk, doing further research or meditating. I also encourage you to undergo this practice with others who you can meet with once a week to discuss and dissect your experience (ideally at the end of each week - you can arrange when you start and finish a week around the night that you are able to meet up).