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For Facilitators

For those who are faciliating a group, I’ve enclosed a booklet written by Katharine Sarah Moody that has some great advice for running this Decentering Practice. The only bit of the booklet you need to read are the first few pages. There you’ll find some advice on good practice. The rest is very interesting, but not necessarily related to this Atheism for Lent course.

You need to share the private Atheism for Lent webpage to everyone in your group.

While you might want to meet together for my talks, I recommend that people watch my talks separately as one of the daily exercises, then meet together at the end of each week to discuss the material.

If you’re involving your whole church then, in addition to the above information, you might want to take an excerpt from each week and integrate it into your Sunday talk. One thing you might want to explore is reading out a reflection; then linking it to a bible passage.