An Atheist Atonement

The Good Room | Bullitt Hotel | Belfast

£10 | Free for Pyro-seminar Patrons | 8th Oct

Doors 6:30pm | Event 7:00pm

It could be argued that the central question throughout the history of Christianity has revolved around the best way to interpret the Crucifixion. Yet this discussion has by no means been restricted to the confessional church. Indeed many prominent philosophers have taken a deep interest in the Crucifixion and reflected on its significance. In contrast to religious interpretations - that connect the atonement with theism, meaning and reconciliation - we'll explore a pyrotheological approach that sees the Crucifixion as expressing a form of life marked by the end of religion, the loss of meaning and the embrace of the absurd.

This event is reservation only. Please email me via the button below to secure your space (there are only 25 spots available). The cost is £10, but it's free for anyone signed up to my online Pyro-Seminars via Patreon (just click the button and let me know so I can put you on the guest list).