supplemental material

I’ve included the article and a link to a book of essays that includes this one. In addition to this, I’ve included a short recording that covers the argument, it’s context and some of the original responses to Flew’s argument. In addition to this, I’ve included an article by John Wisdom where Flew came across the original parable of the Invisible Gardener.

Theology and Falseification

Antony Flew (1923 – 2010) was an analytic philosopher, most notable for his work related to the philosophy of religion. The following paper has been called one of the most widely read philosophical publication of the twentieth century. It has undergone at least forty reprints and been translated into multiple languages.

The paper was a development of a paper first read to the Socratic Club (founded by C.S. Lewis). In this paper we encounter the famous parable of the invisible gardener. I've included this paper because it offers one of the clearest and most concise expressions of the analytic argument against God as a being.

Part of this excerpt gets a little complicated if you're not used to philosophy, but the parable itself - and the concluding paragraphs - make his point quite clearly. I've recorded myself reading the excerpt, as well as providing a written version.