Derren Brown (1971-) is an English showman, illusionist, and author who has spent considerable time helping to expose the methods of mediums, faith healers and evangelists. Brown mixes traditional magic with psychological techniques and the power of persuasion to create spectacles that are often designed to warn people against the power of manipulation, demonstrate the dangers of group think, and encourage free thinking.

In his teenage years, Brown was an evangelical Christian, and has since created shows like How to Convert an Atheist, Messiah, Miracles for Sale, Miracle to expose how people can be fooled into thinking they have had a supernatural experience.

It was hard to choose which of Derren Brown’s shows to use. His latest Netflix special Miracle is definitely worth watching (particularly the second half), but I wanted to offer something that is easily accessible. So I’ve chosen Messiah. In this show, Brown travels to the United States to try to convince five influential figures that he has special abilities in their particular field of expertise: psychic powers, Christian evangelism, New Age theories, alien abduction and contacting the dead, with the objective of getting them to endorse him as a practitioner in their field